Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click Advertising

Our Pay Per Click advertising service allows you to get high-quality traffic instantly so if you need traffic quick or have just started your business this is one of the best ways to get high quality targeted traffic quick

PPC Advertising

Our Process

Our PPC Process

For our pay per click service, we look to working with you to get you traffic fast that is very highly targeted to your audience. First, we have a look what keywords we should aim for and what kind of budget you have to spend each month on PPC.

Next, we analyze the keywords and some of your main competitors and after this, we get to work on building and testing a profitable campaign to get you a return on your investment each month going forward.

Once the profitable campaign is underway and you are getting new customers and sales we look at scaling the campaign up with your work pace to get you more sales and customers coming in.

While we are running your PPC campaign we highly suggest taking out our SEO service as this will build up a campaign that you don’t have to put money in each month and after a few months it will bring FREE high-quality traffic in every month so we suggest you take out our PPC and SEO service at the same time for maximum effect.

This service can be run for established companies as well so you can add a new high-quality traffic source to your website meaning a new source of sales and a higher revenue for your company.

The good thing about PPC is you only click once a potential customer click on the advert we make and lands on your website. We run the ppc ads via google adwords, bing ad center and for eCommerce based websites google shopping and others.

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